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Welcome to The Professor Chef website. TPC, like every creation began with a simple idea. As a 40 year veteran baker, pastry chef, and college level Chef Instructor, I have gotten a lot of requests for cooking instruction. I have been told by many students that I am a patient teacher and explain things in a way that complex concepts are easy to understand. When learning something new it is important to learn how to do the task but it is equally important to understand why things happen. When you understand the why, creative freedom is unlocked.

I set out to make a series of thorough but straightforward instructional videos to assist high school baking instructors teach to a level of proficiency required for students to succeed in the college level course they would be entering. Each segment demonstrates and explains a specific introductory level technique. Each is delivered as I would in the college classroom.

As things go, the simple idea became much more complex. Soon, not only were we making videos we were trying to figure out how to deliver the content. Out of that need, the Professor Chef website was born. Having a website complicates matters immensely. Now not only do I have to concentrate on making high quality instructional videos, but keep creating other interesting content. On April 6, 2022 I posted my first blog. My advisor tells me I have to make short videos and upload them to Instagram. Additionally there is the requirement of responding to likes and comments. I am wondering when I will have time to cook and travel so I can share the experiences with you.

So, here I am thinking about what this site should really be. My dream is that it will be a place to help people who want to learn how to cook. Learning skills is great. But, I want TPC to be so much more, a place of community. I want TPC to be a platform for sharing ideas about food, travel, art, philosophy, healthy lifestyles, and understanding each other. Everybody needs to eat. Food has been at the center of human activity since, well, the beginning. Growing or hunting enough food to sustain the community has always been a chief priority. Distinct cultures are defined by their language, religion, customs, and cuisine. Coming around the table is one of the most universal of human practices. There is much to learn exploring how different communities manifest their culinary rituals.

I am a big advocate for travel. Experiencing food and culture in its native geographic habitat not only helps us to broaden our mental encyclopedias, it helps us to shed some of our biases and develop unity in a highly polarized world.

How will The Professor Chef encapsulate these Ideals? I hope that there will be lively give and take, a sharing of knowledge and experiences. I look forward to hearing about your experiences in the kitchen, about town, and around the world.

Paul Vida​

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